Dragon Cards

Dragons are to Mother Earth

As Angels are to The Divine…


Wisdom Cards

The Dragons are loving beings of great wisdom willing to help you fulfil your potentials.

They flow from love and freely share their wisdom with you.

The Dragons will help you awaken as you journey with them.

Enjoy the magical ride and the adventures along the way!

Dear Bright One,

I started painting Dragons quite a few years ago when Marc Maramay and I were channelling Beings in the Circles of the One Heart. That in itself is another story, yet it is very connected with this one! The Dragon would "appear" on the paper and I would draw and intuitively paint the colours, then once the image was complete, each Dragon would introduce itself as "I am the Dragon of …" which I would write down. By the time over twenty Dragons had made themselves known, I decided to make them into a set of pocket sized cards, so that they could be carried with ease.

In these cards, the Dragons are showing their true natures and using their own voices, which are very different from the depictions of the past. In the simplest of terms, the Dragons are to the Earth what Angels are to the Divine. The Dragons carry Earth's Flows wherever She needs them - they are her Guardians.

You are directly connected to the Heart of the Earth. You may be remembering this connection now and beginning to flow with it, or you may have been doing so in your dreams or consciously for a long time. The connection is Real. Earth’s influence goes way beyond the atmosphere. Her connections flow out and back throughout the Universe. She is a shining jewel in the Cosmos.


We are all, also directly connected to the Source of All. As we awaken to this fact, we all need clarity, healing and realigning, and the Dragons are willing to help you in any way that you will let them. They flow from love and share their love with you. Go into their flows and you will find that you will be in a different place in yourself. You are able to stand firmly on the Earth with an open heart, and life will seem different. Feel their love and awaken to the endless potentials that are in you.

The Dragons will help you awaken as you journey with them. Enjoy the magical ride and the adventures on the way! Use the cards in any way that you wish, they are our gift to you.

        May we always flow in love,

              Dragons Ho!

                                       Val xxx


   After the first 50 cards, they kept coming through to make a total of 96 Cards!

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New Dragon Cards!

Dragon Card Expansion Packs

Have you got the New Dragon Cards?

If you bought the Dragon Cards in previous years, you won't have the full set - because new Dragons kept arriving and making themselves known - so Val continued painting them, writing up their messages and making new cards. These are now available as "Expansion Packs" so you can add to your collection of Dragon Cards and complete it with all the new ones!

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Dragon Card Update Packs

As the Dragon Cards came together over a decade, people who bought earlier editions won't have in their packs those Dragons who came in later. So if you - or someone you know - would like to update the set of cards, we have "Update Packs" available, so you can simply add the Dragons that are missing from the set.

Please get in touch at oneheartweb@hotmail.com